Wine Guides For Traveling Vineyards

Whether looking for a new career or just something to do on the side, the Traveling Vineyard may be the perfect opportunity!

As a Wine Guide, the main job is to connect with hosts and arrange a free, in-home wine tasting for them and their friends. Wine Guides help the host prepare for their event and once the actually tasting begins, the Wine Guide will then take the lead! They walk guests through some really great wines, letting them taste them along the way. Once the event is over, guests then have the opportunity to order whichever wines they liked and the Wine Guide will enter all information in with headquarters to let them take care of the rest!

As a Wine Guide, Traveling Vineyard offers the ability to start a home-based business that Guides are able to arrange around their schedules. Traveling Vineyard also offers training for their Guides, an unlimited amount of growth and even a network of support! There is no on-hand stock that is required for the Guides or monthly minimums that have to be met. No prior experience is needed and no expertise in wine is even needed! Traveling Vineyard will teach their Guides all that they need to know! Follow the Traveling Vineyard on Twitter.

From young adults to older adults, this opportunity is for anyone who loves people and loves wine! Stay at home moms and dads, retirees, hobbyists and even full-time working parents, this is an opportunity for anyone who may be interested! Whether looking for a new personal challenge or even a career change, Wine Guides seem to have the best of both worlds!

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