Steve Ritchie and his nationwide bus tour to improve Papa John’s Pizza.

Steve Ritchie is on a mission. A mission to figure out how to improve relationships between the customers and the employees of Papa John’s Pizza. Mr. Richie has been traveling the country over the past few weeks to meet with Papa John’s franchisees to hear from them, and he listens for tips and advice on how to improve the quality and the satisfaction provided from their franchise. He is doing this because it falls in line with Papa John’s main attitude when it comes to how they run their stores. They wish to push forward the idea that people are priority always, or PAPA, and it is important to get feedback from them to find out how to improve.

Steve Ritchie seeks to find out what his employees and franchisees need because at the end of the day if they aren’t happy, the customers aren’t happy, and the customers must be happy. He has gone all over the country from Atlanta, to Dallas, to Chicago, to Los Angeles, and to Detroit meeting up with all sorts of personnel to formulate a new plan going forward. He made it a goal to listen completely to every story that the franchisees had to tell. He wanted to record their experiences in order to determine what their motivations are, what they need help with, and what the head corporate offices could do better.

Despite the fact that many of the conversations were uncomfortable and there are a lot of things that he preferred not to hear, all in all, Steve Ritchie learned a lot about what is important to the franchisees and he learned that they are committed to improving the bottom line of Papa John’s. They enjoy being in the communities they reside and serving them the best pizza they can. In order to move forward, Steve Ritchie and his team will continue to mine feedback from everyone in the Papa John’s family all over the country with the goal of using everyone’s thoughts feelings and expertise to build a better Papa John’s and move forward. And with all the information that was collected, he feels confident in his company’s future position.

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