Richard Blair on Mentoring Regular Investors in Austin, Texas

Owning assets is one thing. Maintaining and even growing your investments is another ball game entirely. Creating an indomitable portfolio is a task best left to the experts. By yourself, you risk missing out the risks and vulnerabilities involved. However, courtesy of highly reputed establishments like Wealth Solutions, financial freedom is yours for the grabbing.

About Wealth Solutions

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions is a prolific consultant who has done a commendable job in transforming the lives of the residents of Austin, Texas. Blair has worked with hundreds, maybe even more, of people and helped them to plan for their retirement. Each of the clients receives a tailor-made solution dependent on their current financial situation. Wealth Solutions has developed an intuitive three pillar strategy. Here’s how it works.

Three Pillar Strategy

The first move involved sitting down with the client and going over their finances. The expert uses the information obtained to come up with a clear-cut and concise plan of action on how best to proceed. The initial consultation serves the role of sniffing out the risks verses the opportunity cost in the client’s portfolio entries.

Market Analysis

Next, the experts over at Wealth Solution carve up a long-term strategy for their esteemed client. Planning requires they factor in important considerations, for instance, the net worth of the assets the person has and their goals and expectations moving forward. For exceptional results, a client may be advised to hold off investing in a particular realm until the markets stabilize.

Finally, the third pillar. After undertaking a comprehensive research leading to the identification of viable solutions, Richard and his team of experts now take out insurance policy covers to mitigate the risks of the investments.

About Richard Blair

Richard has tinkered in all sorts of business ventures. Some small others were big. The investor comes from a modest background. The mom and the grandmother taught for a living. Teaching has helped Mr. Blair gain the necessary confidence to mentor the thousands of folk under his care and watch in Austin and elsewhere.

Education and Merits

Richard holds a Bachelor’s degree from the prestigious University of Houston, Texas. He studied Financial Management Services. He currently holds several certifications like the CES, RICP, CFS and from the CAS.

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