Mike Heiligeinstein’s Views on Improving Transportation in Austin Area

Recently, Williamson’s County Growth Summit had an ample opportunity to deeply discuss some of the challenges the transport sector has been facing in Austin area. The panel included prominent people like Executive Director of the Central Texas Region Mobility Authority Mike Heiligenstein, Argo Designs Jared Ficklin, Founder of Ride Scout LLC Joseph Kopser, and Leandre Johns who is the acting director of external affairs at Texas. This important discussion was carried out at the prestigious Sheraton Georgetown Texas Hotel & Conference Center. This great event was planned and organized to discuss technological changes in the transportation face, both in the Austin regions and the world in general.


Way Forward


During the discussion Mr. Heiligenstein mentioned some of the advanced technologies like ride sharing apps and driverless cars that can be used to improve and transform transportation infrastructure. He also went ahead to suggest that more modernized roads should be constructed in Austin area, so at to expand its transportation capacity.


Furthermore, he insisted that the construction of more modernized roads will create a great opportunity to provide better and affordable transport services, to the large and growing population in suburbs especially Williamson County. For the past 15 solid years, Williamson County has made great efforts to build up good roads. However, according to Mike Heiligenstein, the construction of roads should not stop due to the increasing population in the area.


In the discussion, Mr. Ficklin gave answers to what policy makers should work on to prepare for future trends and need of transport in Austin, Texas. He explained that drivers will still require roads, garages and parking areas even if they use automated vehicles. He stated that the present parking lots need renovation so as to fit the current code.


Great Mind in the Transportation Sector


Mike Heiligenstein is currently the acting Texas Executive Director of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority. Following his extensive knowledge and great leadership skills, he also serves as the chief executive officer of International Bridge. Mr. Heiligenstein is known as a go getter and a man with deep passion in transportation.


Apart from working at very important position, he also serves as a member of the well-known Advisory Board of the Texas A&M Transportation Institute. Mike is also involved in several other institutes and committees that focus on transportation issues within the United States. Prior to taking the executive position at Mobility, Mike Heiligenstein worked at Williamson County for over 23 years. This therefore proves his extensive expertise in the transportation sector.



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