Healthy Living Named In Lawsuit In Federal Court

Two rival companies in the weight loss business, Nutrimost and Healthy Living, are in the middle of a Federal lawsuit filed by Nutrimost that its competitor, Healthy Living, stole a promotional video and placed it on its own website.

The lawsuit filed claims Healthy Living not only stole the video but removed any mention of Nutrimost, and replaced it with the “Can’tLoseDiet”, and diet by Healthy Living.

The stolen video and the original video state the same claims that a person can lose 25-40 pounds of weight in 40 days. It also states the plan is safe, monitored, and you don’t have to feel hungry, exercise, or use drugs or hormones.

Healthy Living received a cease-and-desist order but still managed to show the video, although the video was shorter, a modification made by Healthy Living.

Nutrimost also asked the court to keep Healthy Living from ever showing the video on its website again. To this date, it has not shown the video. Nutrimost also asked for at least $300,000 in damages, according to the suit.

Nutrimost is a leading company in the area of weight loss. The author of the program, Dr. Ray Wisniewski, practices “pastoral medicine”, a combination of science and spiritual health wisdom. A person can lose 25-40 lbs or more of weight in 40 days and it is totally safe.


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  • Brianna Brandon
    May 5, 2017 - 7:56 pm | Permalink

    The stolen video shows testimonials from Nutrimost customers, and it also kept a testimonials from the founder of the weight loss plan, Dr. Ray Wisniewski. It is simply the best thing that could have to do to have nourished everyone too and it makes a lot of sense too.

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