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The New York City metro area is vast. Stretching from two counties in Long Island all the way into New Jersey and Connecticut, the entire region is home to over twenty million people. Millions more visit this region each day, increasing the population even more and adding to a sense of liveliness each day as well. Those who want to settle in this area will often find it best to do so with a skilled residential real estate agent at their side. This is one of many reasons why those at TOWN Residential Real Estate have enjoyed such amazing success. They know the importance of offering highly skilled services to all their clients. They also know that each individual client is different.


Expanding Into New Markets


It is this devotion to customers that has helped fuel the expansion of the firm. As reported recently the firm is opening up yet another office in New York City. This will be their tenth office in the city, allowing them to serve the needs of their client even more effectively. The new space is located in the Meatpacking district, an area that has seen much growth in recent years as people have flocked here to enjoy bigger spaces and the opportunity to participate in one of the region’s most vibrant neighborhoods. The new office is located on W. 14th street, making it even easier for local home buyers and home sellers to stay in touch with their agent. The new office has many amenities that help showcase the area’s many fine advantages including high ceilings like so many area apartments and a deck where it is easy to see across the entire Hudson River. The private roof garden allows potential residents to also get a feel for the entire neighborhood.


Caring About Customers


The new expansion illustrates a fundamental principle that guides all those who work here know. The client needs to come first. The client’s needs to be important. Working with a TOWN agent means working with an agent who knows how to get things dong. It also means working with agents who spend a lot of time in the area, allowing them to get a feel for which properties might be right for a given client. With their help, many clients have learned about possible rental properties they did not know about before. With their help, many buyers have also found which particular apartment might be best for their background and for their own needs right now as well as should they choose to expand their family. With their help, it is easy to learn where to buy or rent. It is also easy to find out highly relevant information about any given property on the current market.


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    Each person has different requirements and wants different things from their choice to settle in the area. At TOWN, the focus is always on the needs of the people they serve each day and their specific wants in a New York City property. This is the same thing that has also talked about for a very long time.

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