Dick DeVos: Legacy And Philanthropy

One of the signs of success is whether or not it leaves a legacy. Fortunately, Dick DeVos is someone who was born to take on the legacy that was started by his father. His father has started up Amway. While running the business, he has gotten his children involved in some aspects of the business which has helped Dick DeVos learn the different aspects of running a business. For one thing, Dick has learned about being responsible and making sure that he has something going that is going to bring him a lot of profits. Dick has applied the lessons that he has learned.


Given that Dick has had a very productive upbringing, he has gone on to run other businesses and franchises. Among the businesses that he has run was the Orlando Magic franchise. He has had a lot of input in the matter of how things are run. Afterwards, he has returned to Amway and has restructured it so that it could run in a more efficient manner. He has also started a venture of his own with all of the lessons he has learned about business and success. As a result, he has seen a lot of prosperity for his efforts.


Therefore, he is willing to give back. Not only has he gotten involved in different cause, but he has also started up his own foundation with his wife Betsy. With his foundation, he receives donations that he could put towards education and helping people create their own success. For one thing, children need high quality education so that they will have an easier time finding their own career and building a legacy.


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    To go along with his success, Dick DeVos has also taken the time to engage in philanthropic activities. After all, he understands the value of his community. It is actually an issue for custom essay writing company and it is sad that they have these with them also.

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