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Adventures in Jeonju With Kim Dao

It is Kim Dao’s first official day in Seoul. It is early and Kim Dao is really tired. She has feelings of jet lag. She slept for 3 hours. She is about to check out and have some breakfast. Learn more:


Kim Dao has breakfast. She is now on the bus with everyone. They are headed to Jeonju. Kim Dao plans on sleeping on the bus. She has a bag of goodies and will show it when she gets back to the room later. They have made it to Jeonju. It is really hot. They received a handheld fan to keep them cool. Kim Dao is so excited. They are now about to make a food bowl. They finish making their bowls and Kim Dao tries it.


They go sightseeing in Jeonju. It is extremely hot. They arrive at their first landmark which is an historic church. It is really nice. Because it is very hot, they are not going to dress up there. Kim Dao thinks it is unfortunate because she wanted to experience it. They take a look at some wall art. They are now about to get ice cream. They explore more areas and have more fun. They make some Korean alcohol. They listen to different performances. Learn more:

Kim Dao decided to check into her room. She shows what she received in her gift bag. She shows a tour of the room. She takes a quick shower before meeting up with the others. She has dinner. Kim Dao and a few others leave the party and gets some snacks. Kim is back in her room for the night. Learn more:


Her Vlog here.