Andrew Rolfe Organizes A Gala Dinner For The Ubuntu Fund

The Ubuntu Fund is a respected entity that has played a pivotal role in helping the less fortunate members of the society. Over the years, the management of the Fund has been enrolling many needy students at their school campus, which is based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Recently, the leadership of the organization, led by Andrew Rolfe, saw the need to increase their capital for purposes of helping more needy students. To this end, they organized a gala dinner. The event, which was held in London, attracted 300 guests, most of whom were renowned personalities in the society. Rolfe ensured the attendees’ comfort throughout the occasion. The leadership of the organization had set a target of £600,000. At the end event, they found that they had raised over £603,000.

This amount shall be channeled towards expanding the Fund’s school campus. In addition, some money would be used to construct a pediatric clinic within the school compound. Moreover, the Fund plans to increase the number of needy students in the school.

During the event, different people were called to the podium to deliver their speeches. Jacob Lief, a co-founder of the Ubuntu Fund, posited that children needed virtually everything for them to grow. Sinesipho Rabidyani stole the show. She shared her story of how as a young school-going student, she hated being at home. Sinesipho posited that her father had a drinking problem that caused him to mistreat the entire family. She focused on her studies. In the end, she excelled in her examinations. She is now pursuing law courtesy of a scholarship from the Ubuntu Educational Fund.

Founded in 1999, the Fund has been at the center of providing disadvantaged children and families with education and quality healthcare services. The Ubuntu Fund is committed to enhancing sustainable development.

About Andrew Rolfe

Besides being a director for TowerBook Capital Partners, Rolfe serves as the chairman of the Fund. Andrew has a sound educational background. He is a proud alumnus of the revered Harvard Business School and the esteemed University of Oxford.

Previously, Andrew worked for the Gap. Through his transformative leadership, he helped the brand to expand its operations in the global market. Moreover, Andrew Rolfe has worked for True Religion Apparel, J.Jill and Beverages & More.


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