Sam Boraie: Leading the Frontier in Real Estate Development

Sam Boraie and Boraie Development Company have breathed a new lease of life to New Brunswick community. The advent of the Boraie development projects was in creating the modern uptown structure in downtown New Brunswick Community. Sam Boraie developed the Newark residential complex that helped in bringing the modern life of the Newark community back to life. The Newark rental complex enabled the community of Newark to access modern residential areas which were not available in the area before. Apart from residential luxury homes, Boraie development has built commercial buildings. Albany Street Plaza in New Jersey was completed in 2004 comprising of two commercial blocks. The business organization could lease out the building to potential clients making New Jersey have a new outlook.

Historical State Theatre

Boraie development sponsored free summer movie series in Historical state theater. The free summer movies lasted in two months; July and August. Some of the movies shown during the period include; Frozen, Despicable Me 2, Aladdin, and Monster University. The airing of the movies provided an opportunity for friends and members to join up in the historical center and watch family friendly movies. The free summer movies were shown at ten thirty in the morning and seven in the night. The New Jersey community got the opportunity of watching movies on large screens free of charge.

Non- Profit Elijah Promise

Sam Boraie is a member of Non-profit Elijah Promise. Elijah’s Promise is an organization set up for fighting hunger in New Jersey. Elijah’s Promise serves New Jersey population through promoting good food for all. Elijah promise provides education and training to the community on good food and nutrition. Also, they create a social enterprise food business that helps in building a better community. Elijah’s Promise serves the New Brunswick community through ensuring the needy people in the society get access to healthy meals.

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Residential Projects

Sam Boraie focuses on building luxurious homes as part of the residential projects in New Jersey. Boraie has built a high-rise residential project in the Somerset Street. The residential building referred to as “The Aspire” provided the residents of New Brunswick with classic rental apartments that could not be previously found in the downtown. The apartment features one and two bedroom rooms that mainly targets millennials that look for a touch of class in their activities.

Projects in Newark and Atlantic

Boraie Company has invested in great projects in Newark and Atlantic. Teaming up with a former basketball player, Shaquille, who wanted to give back to his hometown, Newark. The New residential building is one of its kinds in the past fifty years and will change the people’s perception of Newark town. Sam Boraie acquired a movie theater and market rate housing rates due to the cooperation between Shaquille and Boraie development. Boraie Company has plans on building on the South Inlet of Atlantic City. The project aims at having residential and market rentals in the city. The completion of the project will be a major achievement of the Boraie development in turning the open space into useful land and provision of quality residential units.

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