JHSF Success And José Auriemo Neto Contribution

Brazil is currently experiencing real estate growth that is attributed to low-interest rates. The increasing demand for commercial and residential property has also risen tremendously. Major investors such as JHSF are transforming the real estate industry in the country by exploiting the conducive business environment. The holding company focuses mainly on managing and developing high-end commercial residential properties.

Since its inception in 1972, JHSF has grown at a rapid rate in Brazil and neighboring countries. The growth is attributed to the company’s projects that are innovative, high quality and able to create sustainable solutions. Major developments include projects in high-end hotels, shopping malls, the international executive airport in Sao Paulo, up-market apartments and commercial properties. Due to the company focus on maintaining sustainability, it has been able to carry out projects at low costs. It has also achieved a milestone through its operations to impact the environment positively.

The President and CEO of JHSF José Auriemo Neto, have played a major role in the growth and development of the company. His ability to foresight and identify major investment opportunities has enabled the company to be ahead in the real estate industry. He has leadership skills that are commendable. This has ensured innovation is achieved by the company employees who maintain high-value quality.

José has responsibilities to manage properties developed by JHSF, and he has done a great job for over 20 years. He has a deep understanding relating to the real estate industry. This has ensured that JHSF is updated on major developments in the industry. He has been on the frontline to ensure the company is involved in developing top-notch properties in Brazil. His contribution has also assisted the growth of JHSF’s retail business. The strategies he has employed have resulted in the innovation of new ideas that translated to quick growth and diversification of JHSF.

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How OSI Industries Became A Multinational Business

OSI Industries has been in business for over a century. It began as a butcher shop on the streets of Chicago and eventually evolved into a wholesale company. It was a regional company for many years but began to expand nationally after Ray Krock established the first McDonald’s franchise in 1955 and chose this company to be his supplier of ground beef.

Back then all meat was shipped fresh. It was an advance in freezing technology which enabled meat to be shipped in a frozen state. This advancement meant that they could send food much further. It also allowed McDonald’s to vastly chop down its network of meat suppliers, going from well over a hundred to just four. Needing a new facility dedicated to McDonald’s meant that OSI Industries needed to take out a loan in order to build it. They turned to Sheldon Lavin who was a financier at the time. He found a lender and the facility was duly built. The management of this company at the time was the two sons of the original founder, Otto Kolschowsky. They were impressed by Sheldon Lavin and convinced him to join as a partner and the chief executive officer which he accepted.

OSI Industries is now a multinational company with a global supply chain. As of 2016 they had sales of $6.1 billion a year and made the Forbes list of the biggest privately held companies in the nation, coming in at #58. They have expanded into many countries and have built a number of joint ventures with other food processing firms over the years.

One company they have partnered with is Turi Foods of Australia. They merged their Australian operations and created a new joint venture known as Turosi Pty Ltd. Sam Cuteri is the chairman of the board of Turi Foods. When the companies unveiled their plans in May 2018 he put out a statement saying that both of these companies share similar cultures and visions. He was looking forward to combining his team with that of OSI Industries offering world-class food solutions to their customers.

David McDonald, the president and COO of OSI Industries, also released a statement in which he said both companies have strong reputations and were a good fit. The joint venture would result in a company with huge potential that could offer innovation and opportunities to their customers throughout Australia.


The Diverse Career of Politank Managing Partner Francisco Domenech

Francisco J. Domenech is best known as the managing partner of Politank, a government affairs law firm that specializes in representing private interests before government forum audiences. A native of Puerto Rico, Mr. Domenech received both his B.A. in political science and his Doctorate of Law from the University of Puerto Rico’s Rio Piedras Campus. He also attended the University College of London for a semester, during which time he took several classes in comparative law.

Prior to joining Politank, Francisco Domenech served as Director of the Office of Legislative Services for the Puerto Rico Legislative Assembly, a position roughly equivalent to the director of the U.S. Congressional Research Service. He has also been the chief legal counsel to the President of the Puerto Rican Senate, a position in which he was responsible for providing legal advice and representing the Senate’s interest before courts. Mr. Domenech’s political career also includes five years as a member of the Democratic National Committee from 2007 until 2012. He has attended the past four Democratic National Conventions, and in 2008 he was the Deputy Campaign Manager for Hillary Clinton’s primary campaign in Puerto Rico.

More recently, Mr. Domenech was honored as one of Caribbean Business’ “40 under 40” businesspeople and entrepreneurs for 2016. Not only was Domenech named as one of the 40, but Caribbean Business also revealed that he received the most votes of any nominee. During the same year, he managed Hillary Clinton’s second primary campaign in Puerto Rico, and Mrs. Clinton ended up scoring a victory over Senator Bernie Sanders. He was also the 2016 campaign manager for Jennifer Gonzalez, who ended up becoming the youngest Puerto Rican Resident Commissioner and the first woman to serve in the position.

Outside of his career, Francisco Domenech has been heavily involved in supporting a variety of philanthropic organizations. These include the Clinton Foundation, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute, the Puerto Rican Museo del Arte, the Hispanic Heritage Foundation and the Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars, among others. As a lawyer, Domenech is licensed to practice in the the Commonwealth Courts and U.S. District Courts of Puerto Rico as well as various courts in the continental U.S., including the Supreme Court.

Securus Technologies Acquires Credit Card Processor GovPayNet

Securus Technologies, a leading provider of government and law enforcement safety and technology, recently announced its acquisition of GovPayNet.


GovPayNet is one of the largest credit/debit card processors in the nation. The company offers payment processing services for consumers paying court fines/fees, bail, speeding tickets and even parking violations. The services offered by GovPayNet are offered in 35 states in the U.S.


Securus Technologies CEO Robert Pickens expressed his delight at the partnership with GovPayNet. “We are excited to add another great product to our already expansive portfolio.”


“Our team has more than 20 years of experience in credit and processing services. We are proud that we will be able to offer consumers a first-rate service who work in government and related services.”


GovPayNet CEO Mark McKenzie shares Pickens’ sentiment regarding the possibilities of what can be achieved with the new system. “We are looking forward to the new growth and how quickly services can be expanded by adding new features.”


GovPayNet has been in the law enforcement payment processing for over 20 years. The company was created in 1997 by a former law enforcement official who was looking for more streamlined ways to handle cash bails and other payments. GovPayNet’s massive portfolio of transactions include payments for restitution, payment oversight, towing, impound fees, traffic fines and even child support. The funds go directly to the appropriate departments. More than 2,300 entities across the U.S. use GovPayNet.


Securus Technologies is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The company currently serves more than 3,200 law enforcement entities across the U.S. and over 1.2 million inmates. The company is committed to finding broad-based customer solutions to help all citizens live in a safe environment.


Securus Technologies focuses on what matters. To learn more about the company and its portfolio of solutions, go to their website: www.securus.com.


Many Finding Hope With Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Cancer is the number one killer in the United States. Now, a dedicated group of professionals has created a network of treatment centers that are adding hope to many people affected by the deadly disease. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is the premier nationwide team of professional helping thousands of cancer patients get better.

The main mission of the Cancer Treatment Centers of America is to give their patients the strength, stamina, and quality of life they need to recover from their cancer. From skin to prostate, lung, colon and breast cancers, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America are ready to help any cancer patient at any stage of their treatment.

What makes the Cancer Treatment Centers of America special is their unique approach to handling each case. Since no cancer condition is alike, the cancer specialist takes a custom-tailored approach to each patient. The result is a treatment regimen that is better designed for the patient’s condition.

Staffed with expert Oncologist experienced in all types of cancer treatments, the team at Cancer Treatment Centers of America know how to care for patients while mitigating the side effects of the treatment. Using an integrative care model, patients are given two layers of treatment. The first layer attacks cancer condition itself. The second layer of treatment utilizes supportive therapies to combat the side effects and decrease recovery time.

The primary therapy of the integrative care approach includes everything from chemotherapy to hormone therapy, immunotherapy, radiation therapy and surgical oncology. The secondary supportive therapy includes acupuncture, chiropractic care, nutrition therapy, pain management and spiritual therapy to treat the anxiety, balance, depression, body issues and other side effects of cancer treatment.

Each one of the five hospitals in the Cancer Treatment Centers of America network has all the diagnostic testing, treatment and supportive therapies under one roof. This makes it easier for the patient and the family as well as help expedite treatment and recovery time.

Finally, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America uses state of the art technology to treat each patient. Advanced genomic testing, for instance, allows the Oncologist to examine cancer on a cellular level. This type of technology can help diagnose and treat cancer more efficiently.

The experienced staff at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America is dedicated to helping every patient with individualized care from diagnosis to supportive therapy. With five hospitals across the country, Cancer Treatment Centers of America is ready to help every patient put their cancer behind them.

A Brief biography of Scott M. Rockledge PhD

This will address information about Scott M. Rockledge PhD from a company called 5AM Ventures. He is currently based in an office in Watham, Massachusetts. He lives in California in the city of Menlo Park. Rockledge as a Venture partner joined the company in 2003. One year later he became a Managing partner.

The Doctor has more than thirty years in healthcare management experience. More particularly with responsibilities that are strategic leadership, that would go to the FDA approval of three different New Drug Applications for the U.S. Those three applications are Cubicin (R), Teslascan (R) and Omniscan ™.

Dr. Scott M. Rockledge has served many positions in his work life. A job he currently is holding is Board Chairman of different companies.

They are Kinestral, Rennovia, the Board of Epirus which is an EPRS and NASDAQ company, and a CDTX and NASDAQ company called Cidra. One such position was the CEO and President of a company called Nycomed Salutar. Learn more about Scott Rocklage: https://scottrocklage.wordpress.com/ and https://www.twst.com/bio/scott-m-rocklage/

The Doctor has a lot of education experience. For example, he went to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). This is where he got his PhD in Chemistry. He also attended the University of California where he got his B.S.

Also, Dr. Rockledge is both a co-inventor and inventor of patients. For example, he has more than 100 peer-reviewed publications and more than thirty patents in the U.S.

The company Scott Rocklage is a managing partner for is called 5AM, it’s called this because it is in its begging stages like five is one of the early house in the morning. This business is a capital form which is science based. Also, to help the ideas of Rockledge come to life he works with different groups of people whether they be business-executives, scientists, or physicians.

They meet together to form their thoughts into possible medicines, to treat medical needs that have not been met yet. Finally, a skill that has really made him more productive in his entrepreneur job is his well-organized self. He is organized in the areas of prioritization, calendaring, and time management as well.

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How Jim Larkin Impacted on Irish Labor

Jim Larkin was born by Irish parents in the slums of Liverpool and was not lucky enough to get much education. With the little education he had, he could work for many places that did not require much skill in order to sustain his family.

During his working period and experience, Jim Larkin felt that laborers deserved better treatment and equal employment opportunities. He believed that laborers should get paid according the amount of work they did which was not happening. He formed the National Union of Dock Laborers (NUDL) and became a full time organizer for trade unions in 1905.

He later formed the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union (ITGW) in Dublin after being relocated by the NUDL for his striking actions. The ITGW became so popular among Irish laborers and very influential due to its objectives.

In 1912, Jim partnered with James Connolly and they led a series of strikes through the labour union they formed; the Irish Labour Party (ILP). The most recognizable strike was in Dublin Lockout in 1913. The strike had a major economic impact since over 100,000 workers carried on a strike that lasted for eight months.

He was a peaceful person whose strikes were sympathetic and based on boycotting of goods. In the First World War outbreak, Jim Larkin led demonstrations for peace in Dublin. He called for people of Dublin not to get involved in war and urged them that if they had to fight they should only fight for Ireland and not in any other war. Read more: James Larkin | Biography and Jim Larkin | Wikipedia

He went to United States in 1914 to look for money to fight the British. Due to his activities of trying to turn the Socialist Party into a Communism Party in the Bolshevik revolution, Jim was imprisoned in 1919 for ‘criminal anarchy’ in Sing Sing. He was pardoned after three years and was deported to Ireland.

After getting back to Ireland, he formed the Workers’ Union of Ireland after being expelled from ITGW. He continued being active in the labor unions until 1946 where he got injured after falling through a floor. He died while undergoing treatment in 1947 at Meath Hospital.

Jim Larkin is usually celebrated for the change he brought to the Irish people by fighting for laborers.


Tony Petrello: The CEO Of Nabor Industries Who Cares About Children Who Suffer From Neurological Disease

Tony Petrello, CEO of Nabor Industries, recently donated $5 million to research related to helping children. He has committed to donating another $2 million in the future, and he is looking to spearhead efforts to raise money for the cause, as well. Mr. Petrello is motivated by his desire to help children and his daughter, Carena, who suffers from a neurological condition that makes learning difficult. Specifically, his daughter was a premature baby who was diagnosed with periventricular leukomalacia, which is a common disease in premature babies. She also has cerebral palsy, and Tony and his wife want to help find a way to help her and other children like her.

Tony Petrello doesn’t just offer help in this one area; his philanthropy reaches many different people. As a member of the Texas Children’s Hospital Board of Trustees, he supports the Neurological Research Institute that is there and hopes it will find the answers that his daughter and other kids are needing to live a full life. He has donated millions of dollars to the Texas Children’s Hospital, and he also donates to a variety of other causes, as well.

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Tony Petrello, CEO of Nabors Industries Ltd, started out his young adulthood by going to Harvard Law School where he earned a J.D. degree. He also attended Yale University and received a Bachelor’s degree and Master’s Degree in Mathematics. Before coming aboard with Nabors Industries, he worked with Baker & McKenzie, which is a law firm where he served as a Managing Partner in its New York location. While there, he concentrated on general corporate law, international arbitration, and taxation. In total, he worked with Baker & McKenzie from 1979 until 1991, which is the year he resigned so he could move on to bigger and better things.

In 1991, Tony Petrello was hired on as the President, Deputy Chairman, and Chief Operating Officer of Nabor Industries. He was also elected to be on the Executive Committee of the Board and the Nabors Board of Directors. In 2011, Mr. Petrello became the Chief Executive Officer of the company, and in 2012 he took his place as Chairman of the Executive Committee and Chairman of the Board. Along with all of his responsibilities, he offers direction for the company as well as strategic planning, which helps Nabor Industries to thrive and remain competitive in its industry. Aside from his work with Nabor Industries, he works with Hilcorp Energy Company and Stewart & Stevenson LLC as a director.

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The Success Story of Imran Haque

One of our lowest moments in life is when one of us gets sick. This is why we try living a healthy lifestyle. However, at some point we get sick. This doesn’t have to be all that bad. We have an option. This is to ensure that we attend a good health care center. This brings along very many advantages. To begin with, you get quality services. You also avoid getting admitted unnecessarily.

Dr. Imran Haque is a professional doctor. He is well trained and licensed. He attends to a multiple of health issues at the Horizon Internal Medicine. This means that you are guaranteed of quality treatment here. Dr. Imran’s mission while learning was to be able to offer the best services to his patients. His passionate about medicine. He has been practicing medicine for 15 years.

Dr. Imran Haque was initially working at an owned-Internal Medicine. Here he got a lot of positive reviews from his patients. This was an inspiration for him. This was when he decided to give his community a more equipped health care center. Here, he would offer services that the residents were not able to acquire locally.

This idea was not easy to implement. Dr. Imran Haque explains that it is through patience and hard work that a plan succeeds. He needed a strategy and financial resources to evaluate his plan. He also believes that a symbiotic relationship with fellow professionals is a big boost. Lastly, you need to create a good network.

Dr. Imran Haque says that he is very happy for the technology integration in health centers. This is because it has made it easy to record and enter data. Technology has helped quicken the process while serving a large volume of people.

He says that what differentiates him from other entrepreneurs, is the ability to multitask. He explains that the ability to multitask is critical in his career. He compares it to breathing. Dr. Imran Haque says that he has excellently mastered this art and it’s a big boost in his work.

Final Verdict

Dr. Imran Haque is a professional internal medicine doctor. His popular for the quality services he offers in Horizontal Internal Medicine.

He has a very positive review from his patients.


Securus Technologies At Its Best Again

Being a leader in public safety, Securus Technologies is a company that deals with the latest in techniques to solve and prevent crimes. They are able to do this because they have more ability that other companies and are known the world over for what they can do.


They deal with over 1,000,000 prisoners each year because one of their biggest clients is the US government. Since they are contracted to deal with correction facilities, they receive quite a bit of response back from their clients. All of the responses are positive and the facilities are happy with what they are able to do with the latest technologies.


The company is based in TX, and they invited their clients to come to their facility and see what they were working on for the latest in public safety. They received a presentation and were able to ask questions about what the company is working on, and how it will help with a variety of issues that affect many facilities on a regular basis. In the future, the company will continue to create new and improved technologies on a regular basis. It will continue to keep its lead in the public safety industry.