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Lacey and Larkin Support Human Rights Foundation through the Frontera Fund

By virtue of being human, the human rights declaration was initiated to give people a safe and comfortable environment for living as well as working. Human rights refer to the norms as well as principles of human standards that are usually protected.

These rights are protected like legal rights found in municipal as well as international law. Human rights seek to understand inalienable fundamental rights regardless of location, religion, relationship status, education, and ethnicity.


Human rights are applicable in different sectors of the world. They shall also apply everywhere because they are universal with an egalitarian sense of being standard to everyone. Also regarded as a requiring path for people, human rights are considered useful in every situation. The birth of human rights foundation was marked by a milestone document titled the human rights.

Most representatives initiated the signing of legal documents with the aim of promoting the acceptance of different cultural backgrounds as well as regions. The declaration of human rights was then proclaimed by the general assembly of United Nations.

This occurred in December 1984. The declaration was a form of common and standard achievements for different people across different nations.


The human rights doctrine has played a key role in influencing international law, regional institutions as well as global law. Most states, as well as non-governmental organizations, establish the foundation of public policy across the world. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia and Phoenix New Time

According to the rules of human rights, the initiation of the public discourse offers moral languages in human rights. Following the strong claims initiated by the human rights doctrines, most organizations with the same mission were established.

20th Century

The beginning of World War II marked massive losses of lives. The loss of lives was the driving force behind human rights foundation including the establishment of modern instruments. Organizations like the Open Society Foundations were established on the basis of providing a comfortable environment for the less fortunate.

The founder of Open Society Foundation is Mr. George Soros. He experienced hardships during the Nazi Regime when he was a young boy. His father presented false documents with the aim of protecting their lives. For Soros, humanity is the hallmark of a healthy society.

He left Hungary for London when the citizens were being assassinated. Soros joined the school to pursue economics at the London School of Economics. Being visionary, he established the firm to initiate peace in the society.

Frontera Fund

Michael joined by Jim are the founders of strong foundations in the media industry. The duo was arrested following their involvement in a case proceeding. Joe Arpaio was in charge of the arrest. Following the series of events, the duo was compensated after the court hearing.

It is amazing that they settled on donating the entire settlement of $ 3.75 million to groups that call for human and civil rights. The two journalists have always committed to giving back to the society through various charitable activities.

Known as the Lacey & Frontera Fund, the organization is focused on making better the lives of the people of Arizona.

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About Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund

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