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How End Citizens United Hopes to Wrestle Power Away From Political Lobbyists to the Voter

Richard Carbo, the communications director of the reformist movement, End Citizens is quoted on MSNBC remarking that his organization has already raised over 2 million dollars in the first month of launching. Carbo expects the organization to have a liquidity base of $25 to $30M, by the end of the year.


Ready for Hillary Endorsement


The funds are meant to cover the legal fees and another campaign build-up to the fight ahead with the GOP donors. End Citizens United received a huge boost in both popularity and credibility when it got the endorsement of the group, “Ready for Hillary”. The latter brings in a database of over 4 million email addresses to die-hard Democratic Party supporters.


MSNBC lists the following Democrats as being on-board with the initiative by End Citizens United to overturn the ruling by the Supreme Court. Sen. Michael Bennet (Colorado), the retired Sen. Russ Feingold (Wisconsin) and nine more candidates all over the states. C.U understands very well about the need to finance the campaigns of candidates coming from minority groups like Latinos or Muslims. In twelve months, the group hopes to have set up a proper funding and expenditure branch to handle such kinds of activities.


Daunting Uphill Task Ahead


Listening to the sentiments expressed by Rick Hasen, you start to come to clear terms with the uphill task the reformist group faces in their journey. The odds seem stacked up against the organization, and the best they can hope to achieve is the creation of awareness at most. The last time a constitutional amendment got reversed was in 1992.


Buying Election Outcomes


The historic Supreme Court ruling on campaign financing is one of the most naïve verdicts ever, according to E.J Dionne of the Washington Post. The law passed makes it easier for the wealthy lobbyists and their selfish interests to take over the natural democratic process. Billionaires like the Koch Brothers have been known to buy elections and effectively install a president of their choice into the White House. Standing in the way of this injustices by the mighty power barons in this nation is the organization, End Citizens United.


About End Citizens United


The headquarters of Citizens United are in Washington D.C. The group got founded on the 1st of March 2015. It has five core staff with Valerie Martin as the leader. The outlet strives to make elections more transparent and devoid of dark money without any accountability. This movement is just but a tip of the ice-berg of the strategies the Democrats have up their sleeves. Frustrating the efforts of the Trump administration is the top priority for these groups. To stay informed on the latest development the organization follow them on Twitter on Facebook accounts.