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The Trabuco And Pumpkin Chucking Contests

Pumpkin chucking is an international sport that takes place every year during the fall. It normally happens when pumpkins are about to be harvested. Events take place from late August to the middle part of November. Countries such as the United States, Belgium and France. all sponsor contests. States such as Delaware, Utah and New Hampshire are known for their pumpkin chucking events.

The sport of pumpkin chunking requires teams of competitors to shoot or hurl a pumpkin over a great distance. The team that can throw their pumpkin the farthest usually wins the contest. Competitors use machines such as catapults, sling shots pneumatic cannons and trabucos. The trabuco is considered one of the best devices for this event.

The trabuco has the ability to throw pumpkins a great distance. It is an ancient war machine that was first invented by the Chinese during the 4th century B.C. according to The French people were the first to use this weapon a lot during the middle ages.

Trabucos work by using mechanical energy to sling an object over a great distance. An object is set at the top of the lever on the machine. The lever is pulled back into place with a rope or some other type of mechanism. The tension is built up into the lever. When the lever is released it hurls the object as far as it will go. The trick to getting a good throw with a trabuco is to create as much tension as possible.

Teams come up with all sorts of new and different ways to hurl pumpkins. They design different machines with different mechanism controls to help throw pumpkins farther than before. Some teams have created trabucos that could literally throw pumpkins for over three miles on That is a huge distance for hurling an object.

Pumpkin chunking contests are usually the main part of a big event such as a pumpkin festival or fair. Many people have pumpkin cooking contests where they make pies, cookies and other dishes out of pumpkins. Based on, people often barbecue, have chili contests, there are rides and games and even a Miss Pumpkin pageant. Pumpkin chucking and trabucos provide a fun and entertaining way for people to see pumpkins flying through the air while having a good time.

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