Bob Reina Gives Away One of Many Millions

It is much easier to give away a million when you know that may other millions are on the way. That is what Bob Reina has confidence in. He has really made his mark with the Talk Fusion software, and this has allowed him to do so much more for animals that need shelter. He has given away a million to the Humane Society, and he is still keeping a watchful eye on those pets that are in need.

He has already adopted several pets, and he has continued this cause while he does double duty as a CEO for Talk Fusion. This is the company that he started from the ground up. Reina has been able to make a great spark in the industry because he has had such a great concept. The Talk Fusion software has been in the making since 2007, but the company has finally grown in a brand that is now global. There are people in Japan and India that are using this software. Bob Reina has been able to make a lot of people happy by creating something that would change the way that people sent emails.

Reina has a strong brand, but this was not always where he thought he would be in life. He has a law enforcement background, and he was passionate about upholding the law. What he would find in time was that he was cut off for more as this video email concept took off. This was something of an unintentional success. Reina created something that did not exist, and it was all because he wanted to send a special email to a friend. Many years later people are able to do this and much more with his video email software.

Talk Fusion has managed to become the hottest new video conferencing software because Bob Reina has put in the time. He has become an expert in marketing the brand.

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