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Investing with Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is a great investment firm that is based out of Chicago, IL. Over the past couple of years, the company has experienced a rapid rate of growth. Many people today struggle with investing for the future. This type of investing requires a lot of discipline. If you look at the long term picture, there are a lot of ways that investing can help you build wealth. If you typically struggle in this area, Madison Street Capital can be a great place to learn investing.

Madison Street Capital

From the time the company was founded, Madison Street Capital has been working to add value to customers. One of the unique things about this company is the customer service. There is a culture of service at the company that is unique within the industry. Many investment firms are just worried about how to drive the bottom line. However, this company wants to help you in all areas of your finances.


Many people today struggle with high levels of debt. If you are wanting to invest for the long term, you need to make sure you have the cash to do so. If most of your income goes out in monthly payments, it is difficult to consistently invest. Madison Street Capital can help you create a plan to pay off your debt and start investing.

Final Thoughts

Madison Street Capital’s reputation continues to get better within the industry every year. This is a company that is built for the long term with their current business model. If you want to learn to invest, start working to this company today. An investment advisor will help you get your finances to the next level.

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Smartphone Photo Tips Form Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa

A passion for achievement beyond the ordinary and success that can be measured in numbers is a driving force behind many entrepreneur’s business careers. Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is one such entrepreneur. He has developed a history of achievement in the business of Panama. He has also become to be known as a high caliber photographer who only uses a smartphone to create splendid works of art.

Like most exceptional people, Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa has a passion for sharing his knowledge and experience with others. The following are his thoughts about smartphone photography that can improve the quality of anyone’s photos.

Follow the Rules

You have to break some rules to succeed in business but you do not break laws. Figueroa claims that composition is the first and primary law of great photography on He recommends pausing for a few moments before taking a photo to clearly define the composition of the piece.


No one succeeds in anything without education. Figueroa recommends studying composition, taking a photo editing course, and studying the array of filters that can be used through apps to create photographic effects. The apps selected must work seamlessly with the phone operating system and be selected to produce great pictures first and effects secondly. Learn what the apps can do and cannot do by viewing YouTube videos and practice before you put your shots on social media.

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Less is better

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa has made a serious study of the technical aspects of smartphone photography. He recommends the minimal use of the phone’s built in flash to prevent color distortion. He suggests that the HDR be set on auto to achieve balanced exposure even in difficult lighting situations. He is adamant that getting closer to the subject of your photo is the best way to overcome the zoom-less limits of phones. You can use a zoom lens when needed. Use filters as minimally as possible.

Cleaning is imperative

Unlike a SLR, the lens of a smartphone camera is exposed to multiple sources of contamination. These are not only dirt but can be lotions that are on your hands. Figueroa says that making a habit of cleaning your camera lens every time that you use it prevents unknown sources of distortion on Facebook.

That passion has led him to be president and treasurer of five different companies in Panama at the same time. His passion for photography has brought him acclaim from Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and numerous fans to his photographic blog.

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Dick DeVos: Legacy And Philanthropy

One of the signs of success is whether or not it leaves a legacy. Fortunately, Dick DeVos is someone who was born to take on the legacy that was started by his father. His father has started up Amway. While running the business, he has gotten his children involved in some aspects of the business which has helped Dick DeVos learn the different aspects of running a business. For one thing, Dick has learned about being responsible and making sure that he has something going that is going to bring him a lot of profits. Dick has applied the lessons that he has learned.


Given that Dick has had a very productive upbringing, he has gone on to run other businesses and franchises. Among the businesses that he has run was the Orlando Magic franchise. He has had a lot of input in the matter of how things are run. Afterwards, he has returned to Amway and has restructured it so that it could run in a more efficient manner. He has also started a venture of his own with all of the lessons he has learned about business and success. As a result, he has seen a lot of prosperity for his efforts.


Therefore, he is willing to give back. Not only has he gotten involved in different cause, but he has also started up his own foundation with his wife Betsy. With his foundation, he receives donations that he could put towards education and helping people create their own success. For one thing, children need high quality education so that they will have an easier time finding their own career and building a legacy.


Geoff Cone Helps Expats

Geoffrey Cone is a global attorney who works with people who are planning to move to different countries. He does this by accepting them as clients, learning what they need from the country, finding somewhere that works for them and helping them through every step of the moving process.

Most of the clients that Geoff Cone takes on are looking to move internationally. When they say that they want to move, they often want to find somewhere that does not have a high tax rates. One of the first places that they consider is New Zealand. They think that the country does not have high taxes and that they will be able to get a break when they make the decision to live there.

The attorney Geoff Cone also finds out what they need on an individual level. While they are probably looking for somewhere that is low-tax or tax-free, he also wants to make sure that he is able to find them a country that suits other needs that they have. This allows him the chance to learn more about the people who are making the move and what they will be able to do once they have moved. The family situation will also determine the different needs that they have when they decide to move to a different country.

Although Geoffrey Cone is not a real estate expert, he is able to find which countries work best for different people. This has allowed him a chance to make sure that he is doing different things right and that he is able to find a home that is perfect for people who want to move to a different country. He starts by finding all of the tax-free countries that he can and working off of that list so that people will be able to get what they need from the different things that are offered in each of the countries that they could be able to move to.

There are often many steps when it comes to making an international move. Geoff Cone specializes in these and he knows the right steps to take. He will give each of his clients a detailed plan on what they can do when they are deciding to move and this gives him the opportunity to see that things will be different for people. He also has outlines that include checklists and information for people to follow when they are moving internationally.

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