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Steve Murray: Terrific Investor and Deal Maker

The ex- chief executive officer of CCmp Capital Advisor, Stephen Murray, who resigned a month before his death, died at the age of 52. The former resigned due to health issues and later was deceased on March 12. He was described by his partners in CCMP Capital Advisors as a deal maker and a terrific investor.

Stephen Murray was born on August 2nd, 1962. He attended Boston College where he earned a degree in economics in 1984. He then proceeded to Columbia business school from which he earned a master’s degree in business administration. He started his career in 1984 when he became part of the credit analyst training program at Manufacturers Hanover Corporation.

The consequent changes in his first job built his career positively. He became the head of the buyout in JP Morgan partners in 2005. Steve Murray became the co-founder of CCMP Capital in 2006 as a spinout of JP Morgan Chase. CCMP spun out of JP Morgan to avoid conflicts with clients at the bank. CCMP Capital contained the buyout and growth equity team of its private equity group.

It specializes in a middle market controlled buyouts growth equity investments. In 2007, Murray was named CEO of CCMP Capital. He has also worked on the board of major companies such as legacy hospital partners, Warner Chilcott, Pinnacle Foods and Generac power systems among others.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is also remembered for his works of philanthropy. He supported to make a wish foundation of the Metro in New York.

In CCMP Capital, Stephen Murray is remembered as co-founder investor and friend to his partners. After Murray was named the head of banks buyouts businesses in 2005, a lot of arguments ensued. The bank had divested in their investing and outbid KKR & CO among other companies at that time.

Henry Kravis, the co-founder of KKR, became angered and warned the bank against competing with them.  Later they separated, and CCMP Capital was born. Their relationship henceforth was better as said by Murray.

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White Shark Media: Reigning the Deep Waters That Are Digital Marketing

White Shark is the go-to company when it comes to digital marketing, with a special focus on small and medium sized businesses. They are Google Adwords premier partners with regard to Search Engine Marketing. Ideally, they assist businesses get noticed online by driving traffic to those businesses’ websites.

In the 21st century where everything happens online, lack of inter-web visibility can easily render your business redundant, or worse, non-existent. Great web visibility on the other hand brings with it increased credibility which in turn brings in increased business transactions, whether directly or indirectly.

Like most companies, White Shark Media began as a small underdog boutique agency. However, five years later, it has blossomed into one of the biggest industry players, with its portfolio proud to have managed approximately $36 million in money spent on AdWords in just the past year as of April 2016. This is according to a review done by Citrite, a site that highlights the latest tech-news.

The company has AdWord certified specialists who take new or potential clients through the whole process of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or the campaign/marketing strategy in such a way that the client can decide to do the work themselves.

When it comes to handling complaints, they have handled each complaint according to its specifics. For instance, when many clients felt that there was a communication lapse and they were having trouble getting in touch with their contact person, they implemented a phone system with direct extensions to that client’s contact person. They also scheduled monthly calls with their clients with GoTomeeting, which allowed the clients to see exactly what they were doing. Learn more about White Shark here: and

The online conference tool allows for a shared screen that makes it easier for White Shark representatives to go through the report together with the client.

In order to also track customers coming in through the phone and not online, White Shark Media partnered with Marchex to provide a phone-tracking system on a complimentary basis for all of its clients. The clients are also now able to track the performance of their AdWords through the installation of conversion tracking and even Google Analytics where necessary so they can monitor progress.

If getting more business through your website is what you’re looking for, consider taking their free AdWords evaluation. You will end up either better informed or with a new business partner; that’s the ultimate win-win.

Kate Hudson Thrills with Fabletics

Kate Hudson has done her fair share of winning hearts of fans with her roles in romantic comedies, but she is thrilling crowds of consumers with a whole new level of energy. People that have seen the Fabletics brand are sure to be amazed by what Kate Hudson is bringing to the table now.

It may seem like something that people could not even imagine, but Kate Hudson is getting away from the bright lights of the big screen and getting more involved with her clothing line, Fabletics. There are actually 3 founding members of the Fabletics brand, but Kate Hudson already had a spotlight on her as an actress.

In her Interview with Marie Claire it is easy to see why women are flocking to the Fabletics website. Kate has essentially presented the brand as one that is flexible enough to wear to the gym, but it is still stylish enough to wear to other areas outside of the gym. Kate has been one of the first to talk about the errands that she has been running in her active wear. She has stated that the ideal to design more athleisure is actually linked to her own needs and her own lifestyle. Read the full article at

Hudson is a mother that is always on the go. She is an actress and a businesswoman. On top of all of that, she is still trying to stay fit by jogging and working out. She has to have the type of clothing that is going to let her do an array of things. She doesn’t want to spend all of her time changing from one outfit to another. That is why Fabletics is so special. It caters to the busy lifestyle of women like Kate Hudson.

The industry is really starting to embrace this type of active wear, and Kate is currently designing her own line. When people hit the Fabletics website they can see Kate modeling some of her favorite outfits on the site. People that are interested in building up their athletic wardrobe can do it quickly with a subscription service to Fabletics. There allows people to get a garment sent each month automatically. That is something that is ideal for the people that are interested in getting clothes from the Fabletics website without spending a lot of time trying to sort through clothes. See:

Others may just decide that the subscription service is better because this automatically gives them clothes based on their selected fashion preferences.